Say Goodbye to Moisture in Your Chimney

Install durable chimney flashing in the Grand Island, NY, and the WNY area

Chimney flashing is the sheet of metal that's installed where your chimney meets your roof. Although it's rarely talked about, this feature is essential in keeping your chimney and roof watertight. That's why Gold Construction offers high-quality chimney flashing installation services in and around Grand Island, NY and serving the WNY area.

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3 signs that you need new chimney flashing

3 signs that you need new chimney flashing

There are a few ways to tell if you need to install chimney flashing. Reach out to us if you've noticed:

Discolored bricks and rust stains on nearby surfaces
Water stains on the ceilings or walls around your chimney
Interior or exterior leaks and puddles of water in your home

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